Why Choose Gemini Letters?

Lowest Prices in the Industry

Gemini Letters can offer the lowest prices by controlling material costs through bulk purchases of raw materials, and by manufacturing many of the sheet, hardware, and other materials used to produce your sign products. Through recycling, combining thousands of orders, and utilizing the latest technology; Gemini Letters can manufacture superior products at much lower costs than other local suppliers.

Highest Quality and Lifetime Guarantee

Low price does not mean low quality. Gemini Letters offers the highest quality products and a lifetime guarantee. No matter whether your letters and logos happen to chip, crack, or fade—Gemini will replace the product at no charge. Gemini is able to offer this warranty because we work with premium materials, use the best coatings and finishes available, and provide mounting hardware that will keep your installation secure.

Fast Delivery of Made-to-Order Signage

With our seven regional locations and our state-of-the art Gemini manufacturing and communications equipment—we can produce your designs in just a matter of days. Gemini can meet your timetable for your signage needs.

Gemini Sign Letters Is the Greenest Manufacturer Available

While a number of customers buy from Gemini for what we can do--a growing number of customers buy from Gemini because of what we don’t do (to the environment). Gemini Letters is fully immersed in green manufacturing, changing all our lighting, heating, and coating systems to the latest green technology that uses less power and emits much less into the water, air and solid waste streams. Gemini also has patented several green technologies, including a new water recovery process for waterjets, that helps us manufacture in an earth-friendly manner.

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